Adding a Works Order From a Property

Adding a Works Order from a Property

  1. Select the required Property and click Actions > Add a Works Order…

     2. On the Works Order screen, select the Supplier that the Works Order is being assigned to, then fill in the details for the job.

Please Note – If there is no Public Liability Insurance recorded on Alto for the selected Supplier, it will notify you when you select the Supplier. Click Yes to continue. 

     3. If you have any Photos, or documents that relate to the job on your system, you can add them to the Works Order by clicking Upload File… and navigating to the files.

     4. You can go on to Instruct Supplier or Request Quote. Both these actions will send an Email to the Supplier (Providing Email is selected on the Supplier Contact screen as their Account/Work Order Delivery Method settings.) The screen will save and close automatically.

     5. You can check or amend the Works Order by going into either the Supplier or the property screen and clicking Management > Works Orders and then clicking on the relevant works order.

     6. Use the Status drop-down in the works order screen to Progress, Complete or Cancel Works Orders.


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