PropertyFile Configuration

Propertyfile Configuration 

This guide will take you through how to configure PropertyFile for your agency.  

PropertyFile Settings 

From the PropertyFile dashboard, navigate to the General Configuration" section of your PropertyFile, this can be found in the menu on the left-hand side.  

From here you can complete your agency name, website address and configure your email notification settings.  

Please Note: to access the dashboard from Alto, go to Tools -? PropertyFile and use the symbol on the right-hand side next to your domain name.  

Email Notification Settings 

Email notifications can be sent to let you know when a user of PropertyFile has deleted their account so that you are able to update your settings within Alto.  

To configure the email address/s for notifications to be sent to navigate to "General Configuration" and place an email address/s in the "User deletes their account" notification box.  

Please Note: For you to receive notifications you must toggle the button for these notifications to "On" first.  

If you turn these notifications on but do not supply an email address/s, we will send notifications to your office email address.  

You can enter multiple email addresses for these notifications by separating the emails by a comma.  


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