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PropertyFile is an online platform which has been integrated with Alto, to keep your customers informed and engaged throughout the life cycle of their property sales / letting journey.

Your website administrator can now add a button to your website, which will enable customers to request a market appraisal / valuation of their property. Once a customer has made an enquiry via your website, the enquiry will then display on your Alto dashboard where you can turn the request into a diary appointment.

Getting Started

Activate Market Appraisal module in PropertyFile 

The Market Appraisal functionality is a new module available within PropertyFile.  If you have already activated PropertyFile, you will need to log in to switch on the Request Appraisals module.  

  1. Click on Tools 
  2. Select the PropertyFile menu item from the left hand side
  3. Click on the pencil icon, your PropertyFile Admin Configuration Page should open in a new window
  4. Select the Manage Module menu item in your PropertyFile Admin Configuration Page from the left hand side 
  5. Switch the module "Request Appraisals Online" to "On"
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Confirm

PropertyFile will need to be activated, so you can obtain the configuration details for the button to link your website for appraisal/valuation enquiries.  

If you are yet to activate PropertyFile, please see Activating PropertyFile for details on how to do this.  

How to configure email notifications

Once you have activated PropertyFile and switched on the Market Appraisals module, you can also set up email messages to let you know that a new Market Appraisal request has been received.  

  • Navigate to General Configuration in your PropertyFile Admin Page
  • Switch the section Market Appraisal is Received to ON.  

By default, your branch email address will now receive notifications, each time a Market Appraisal is received via the widget.  

  • If there are specific individuals you would like to notify, please enter their email addresses into the Market Appraisal Received section 
  • Click Save.  

How to configure our "Request an Appraisal" widget

Once you have activated PropertyFile and switched on the Market Appraisals module, you microsite will display details, for whoever maintains your website, to add the new button.  

  1. Navigate to your PropertyFile Admin Configuration Page
    1. Click on Tools -> PropertyFile in Alto
    2. Select the Pencil icon
    3. Your microsite will open
  2. Click on "Request an Appraisal" from the menu
  3. You can download the .pdf and share it with your web designer, or you can email them directly, from this location.  


How to configure your availability

In Alto, when you've enabled the Market Appraisals module, all branches in the PropertyFile domain will have the default time slots set to 9am - 5pm Monday to Saturday, if you want to amend the time slots please follow the steps below: 

  1. Click on Tools 
  2. Select the PropertyFile menu item from the left hand side 
  3. Click on the number of branches, the Alto PropertyFile admin screen will be expanded
  4. Select the Market Appraisals button
  5. Click Edit again a branch
  6. Amend the times customers can request a valuation for a given day
  7. Use the + button if there is a break in your availability
  8. Click Save.  

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Managing A Booking Request


Enquiries Dashboard - Market Appraisals

 Once a customer has requested a valuation / market appraisal from your website, a request will be displayed in Alto.  

The Alto dashboard has a new Enquiries widget which included a doughnut chart which summaries the type of market appraisal requests you have received (Rent, Sale or both).  

The doughnut chart is linked to the new Enquiries dashboard which include a PropertyFile Market Appraisals section.  When a customer completed a Market Appraisal request via your website, details of the request will be displayed here.  

The dashboard can be filtered by branch or appraisal type (rent, sale or both).  If you have requests you can click on the diary icon, to view the selected negotiators diary.  You can click on the drop down at the top of the popup box to view any diary groups you have setup.  


Book a Market Appraisal / Valuation

  1. To book a market appraisal, select the negotiator who will attend the booking
  2. Select the preferred booking time slot, if no time slots are displayed, click "book an appraisal.  The following screen will be displayed: 
  3. Details of the customer and the property address are displayed on the extended market appraisal booking form
  4. You can manually type in the details against the owner/landlord and property, to see whether the records already exists in the system
  5. Alternatively, if you click "Add New", the contact/property data will be added to the system
  6. You have an option to amend the market appraisal/valuation booking by selecting the amend button and clicking next
  7. When you are happy with the time slot selected, click Next
  8. On completion, click Finish.  

The booking will be visible in the relevant negotiators diary.  


Getting Started
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