Receipting A Holding Deposit

Receipting a Holding Deposit

Following the instructions below will show you how to receipt money into Held Money on the tenancy. You can later choose to use this money against an outstanding charge or refund the money back to the tenancy should you decide to.

Under the Tenant Fee Ban 2019 If you are required to send the tenants a copy of the tenancy agreement before taking a holding deposit then please see the related article which explains how to produce a Tenancy agreement.

      1. Go to the tenancy that the deposit relates to.  This tenancy can either be proposed or finalised, and click Actions > Receipt


   2.  In Amount Received enter the amount you have received in, also enter the receipt date and receipt type as well as any other necessary information. Then Click Update.

3. Enter a Description if you wish, then click Yes.

4. This money now shows in Monies Held on the tenancy.  This money can then be used against an outstanding charge at a later time or date or refunded to the tenants if necessary.  This receipt will show on your bank reconciliation.


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