Refunding A Deposit Less Deductions

Refunding a Deposit Less Deductions

1. Check that the Deposit is in the Account that you wish to refund it from.  Do this from the Tenancy record by going to Actions > Deposit Bank Transfer

2. On this screen whichever account shows in the Transfer out Bank Account field is the account that the money in is in.  You may need to transfer out of this account if the money needs to be moved into another account to be refunded (please see FAQ on Transferring Deposit into a Different Account for help on this)

3. On the Tenancy go to Actions > Refund > Add Refund Item

4. You need to make the Deposit available before you can offset deductions against it. To make it available, you need to post a Refund for Deposit for a partial amount or the full Deposit. You will then need to post additional charges against this amount, for the deductions. 

5. The Deposit will now be available to post deductions against. Do this by clicking Add Additional Charge

6. From the Charge Item section select the Type of Deductions you wish to make, enter a Description and an Amount. 

7. If you need to post an Expense select Expenses, then the Charge Item and the Supplier.  Repeat this process for any further deductions.

8. The Refunds screen will now display the deposit available LESS the amount of deductions, the Total To Refund will show the amount to go back to the Tenancy, if you are happy with this figure select a Refund Type at the top and click Update.


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