How Do I Set Up A Scheduled Report?


How Do I Set Up A Scheduled Report?


Alto allows you to schedule reports and have them delivered to you via email at a pre-defined time.  A report can be delivered to the user creating the Report Schedule (the originating user) and/or multiple users within the Alto system.

All reports will be generated by a background service, via a queue, rather than adhoc which means that there is an improved performance whilst they are running.

On the Reporting tab you will see a section called 'Report Schedule':

When you expand this section you will see the options for selection:

  • Email Report - You can choose yourself as the recipient by clicking on the ‘To Me’ tick box.  If you wish to select others instead of (or as well as) yourself, click on ‘To Others’ and you will be able to multi-select from the drop down list of users within your branch that appear in the ‘Users’ field.
  • The Format options are; pdf, html, csv and excel
  • The Frequency options are; Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  • when Daily is selected you can also select ‘Every Weekday’ or ‘Every Day’
  • when Weekly is selected you are presented with a list of days the event occurs:

  • when Monthly is selected you are presented with a field to enter the date of each month or the first day of each month:

  • For each of the frequencies you have the option to choose from:

  • The Start and End date and can be set using date pickers
  • The Preferred Time can be set using a dropdown for hour (the report will be generated at an approximate time based on server load / queue length).

As with all the other 'Your Report' items, any selection or change to the 'Report Schedule' item will trigger a 'Save these settings' and any scheduled report must first be a saved report. A saved report can only have one schedule, for multiple schedules a new report will need to be generated and the schedule set accordingly.

Once the scheduled date and time is set the report will be delivered as an attachment to an email using the format selected in the field ‘Format’ (see above).


  • You must choose a start and end date. The end date has a maximum future value of 5 years. The start date cannot be in the past.
  • If a user is made inactive any scheduled reports they may have setup will not be processed/delivered.

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