Reports And Where To Find Them

Report NameCategory
Accepted Offers From Other OfficeSales
Accepted Offers From Same OfficeSales
Aged Contact Arrears ListProperty Management Financials
Aged Tenancy Arrears ListProperty Management Financials
Applicants by RatingApplicant
Applicants Not ViewingApplicant
Applicants RegisteredApplicant
Arrears ListProperty Management Financials
Arrears Marked as 'Never Show in Arrears'Property Management Financials
Bank Details ReportProperty Management Financials
Board ChangesProperty
Board ManagementProperty
Cash BookProperty Management Financials
Charges To RaiseProperty Management Financials
Client Bank BalancesProperty Management Financials
Current Stock Properties LetProperty
Current Stock ActiveProperty
Current Stock AllProperty
Current Stock NewProperty
Date EventsProperty Management
Email addressesMarketing
EPC MissingEPC
EPC RatingsEPC
EPC RatingsProperty Management
Financial ServicesFinancials
First Time BuyersApplicant
Gas Safety ListProperty Management
Gross SalesManagement
Held ReceiptsProperty Management Financials
HIP/EPC Due To ExpireEPC
Invoice Fee AnalysisProperty Management Financials
Invoices And PaymentsFinancials
Key BookProperty
Landlord Income InvoicedProperty Management Financials
Landlord Property Tenancy Tenant ListProperty Management
Landlord Tax BalanceProperty Management Financials
Landlord Tax Overseas Or UKProperty Management
Landlords To Pay (detailed)Property Management Financials
Landlords To Pay (simple)Property Management Financials
Lead SourceMarketing
Lead Source - SummaryMarketing
Lead Source - ValuationsMarketing
Let AgreedLettings
Market Appraisals date by branchProperty
Management SummaryManagement
Management Summary - Horizontal Branch BreakdownManagement
Management Summary - Vertical Branch BreakdownManagement
Market Appraisals booked by branchProperty
Market Appraisals booked by NegotiatorProperty
Market Appraisals dates by NegotiatorProperty
Marketing - BreakdownMarketing
Net SalesSales
Net Sales ListSales
New stock which is not availableProperty
Nominal ActivityProperty Management Financials
Outstanding Terms of BusinessProperty
Phone and File LogsApplicant
Potential CompletionsSales
Potential ExchangesSales
Potential Vendors and Potential LandlordsMarketing
Processed Fee AnalysisProperty Management Financials
Properties Details ApprovalProperty
Property AsbestosProperty Management
Property with a price changeProperty
Property with no activityProperty
Purchaser RequirementsSales
Sales At ExchangedSales
Sales CompletedSales
Sales ExchangedSales
Sales Offers MadeSales
Sales PipelineSales
Sales Pipeline - Under OfferSales
Schedule 23 ReportProperty Management Financials
SMS Messages SentOther
Solicitors ActingSales
Supplier To Pay - Arrears ListProperty Management Financials
Suppliers To PayProperty Management Financials
Tenancies due to ExpireLettings
Tenant Deposits HeldProperty Management Financials
Tenancy DetailsLettings
Tenancy ReportProperty Management
Uncleared ReceiptsProperty Management Financials
Under Offer To Exchange Time By OfficeSales
User Activity BreakdownOther
Vat Fee Analysis (Accrual)Property Management Financials
Vat Fee Analysis (Cash)Property Management Financials
Vendor email addressesMarketing
Viewing Dates booked by NegotiatorProperty
Viewing Dates booked by the Property BranchProperty
Viewing Dates planned by NegotiatorProperty
Viewing Dates planned by property branchProperty
Withdrawn PropertiesProperty
Withdrawn SalesSales
Work OrdersProperty Management

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