Resend & Void


A document can be resent to one or all recipients, at any stage before it has been fully signed. 

From any timeline entry of your document, click on the eSign icon on the far right hand side (1), and then use either the resend arrow on each row on the left (2) to resent the document to individual recipients, or click the Resend All button at the bottom of the window (3) to resend the document to all listed recipients.

Do be aware that the eSigning request will be resent to the email addresses visible in Signatories dialogue box (1). You cannot change the email address to which a document will be resent, so if you need to amend one or more of the recipients email addresses you will need to void this document and update the email address on the relevant contacts record before sending a new document for eSignature.


If a document is to be Voided, either because it was initially sent to an incorrect email address or because the content requires amending, it can be done  from the Signatories window. 

Click the Void button at the bottom (1) and a new window will appear over the first (2), asking you to Add a reason for voiding the document. 

When the reason for the Void has been added, Click the Okay button at the bottom of the window (3), and then click Yes (4) on the resultant next window to confirm the Void.  

A notification will appear in the top right hand corner of your Alto window letting you know that the document void has been requested, and the document status will update to voided on all timeline entries related to that document.

The recipients will receive an email explaining the document has been invalided for the aforementioned reason. You can only void documents which have not been signed by all parties.


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