Security - Restricting the IP Addresses That Can Access Alto

Restricting the IP Address that can access Alto

If you wish to prevent Users from logging in when they are not in the office, you can use static IP addresses to facilitate this. Entering static IP addresses will prevent laptops, home computers and mobile devices being used to access alto.

To use this feature, you will first need to set up all the IP addresses per branch from which users will be allowed to log in. Restrictions can then be assigned to individual Users. If you do not wish to use this option, take no action and no IP address restrictions will be applied.

Go to Tools>System Admin>Branches select Edit Branch.

Scroll down the screen until you see Allowed IP Addresses:

Enter each IP address that will be allowed access to Alto and click on Add.  Continue until you have added all the IP address you wish to add.

If you edit the IP address after it has been added and saved, the Save button will become red again to remind you to save the changes. 

You can also remove any records using the Delete button that appears once an entry has been created:

To apply the restrictions to each user whose access you wish to restrict, go to Tools>System Admin> Group Users, select their record and click Edit User.

When you open their user record you will see a new tick box Login Restricted by IP Address:

Ticking this box will restrict the user to IP addresses in the Allowable IP Addresses lists, for any and all branches to which they belong. 

Log in box message

Once the above steps have been taken, any user who has the IP Restricted box ticked and attempts to log in from a non-approved IP address will be presented with a message on the login box:

TAPI Access

The Alto TAPI application has been included in these changes, so if you set up IP address or time restrictions for a user, the Alto TAPI application will honour the restrictions.

Please note

If a user has full Administrator access to Alto, any restrictions added to that user will be overridden. This ensures that if no one can login, there will always be at least one Admin user who can log in and restore access.


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