Reversing The Use Of Monies Held Against A Charge On An Applicant

Reversing the Use of Monies Held Against a Charge on an Applicant

Please Note: Once monies held have been applied to a charge you no longer have the ability to post a receipt reversal or refund monies held.

1.  On the Applicant go to Actions > Refunds > Add Refund Item

2. The Charge Item must be the same as the item that the Monies Held would have been used against.  For example, if the monies held was used against a Deposit charge you must post the refund item for Deposit.  Enter all other relevant information, then click OK

3. Choose the relevant Refund Type at the top of the screen then Update

4.  The refund will have put a debit on the bank reconciliation, which would contra off the original receipt of the money.  If you should in fact still be holding onto the money you need to re – receipt the money back in so that it is still available, and raise any other charges that should still be outstanding.


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