Security - 2 Step Verification

Security - 2 Step Verification

You will need to have access to System administration to set up 2 step verification when logging into Alto from a new device.

In Alto go to your Name at the top of the scrren, and from the drop down select  Account Settings

Turn on 2 step verification, by sliding the button to the left.

You will be notified of teh 2 step vrification process. click next to Start the set up.

Confirm your password, this will be the password you log into Alto with.

Enter your mobile number, click next. You will receive a code direct to your mobile phone,

enter the code in the next box as prompted, click Next.

And finish, to complete the  2 step verification set up.

You will now see the 2 step verification has been set up and the green button indicating it is switched on.

When you log into any NEW device you will be promoted to complete the 2 step verification.


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