Sending A Confirmation When A Market Appraisal Appointment Changes

Sending a Confirmation when a Market Appraisal Appointment Changes

Changing a Market Appraisal Appointment can be done in either the Diary, or the appointment itself.

  1. To change the Appointment in the Diary, click and drag the appointment to the new time.

    2. The Send Confirmations window will open. You can edit the e-mail or text and then click Send All.

    3. The Create Letters window will open. You can click Open Letters Now to send the letters immediately or Place Letters in Letter Rack to send later.

    4. To change the appointment in a Market Appraisal entry on the Property record, click on the Appraisal tab, then click the Amend button. Change the Date and/or Time in the Edit Market Appraisal Appointment window and click Save Viewing.

    5.  Once Save is clicked, the reminder window will open as per Step 2 and Step 3.


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