Sending documents for eSigning

Once you have included the relevant eSignature merge codes in your document template, it is available for eSigning. 

Whether your document is merged as an ad-hoc letter, or is triggered by an event within alto, when the letter is “Finalised” you will have the option to send it for eSigning.  When the Document Editor opens, you’ll be able to see the eSigning merge codes as boxes (1), blank apart from the name of each proposed signatory. You can edit the document as usual, and when you’re happy with the content click the Finalise button in the top right of the Document Editor window (2).  You will be presented with a window asking how you would like to finalise this document, and you can click the button labelled E-Sign. 

Clicking this will launch the Send for Electronic Signatures window, with each of your signatories listed (1)- the signatories are selected based on the eSigning merge code types you have inserted in the specific document you are using.  You have the option to add a CC email address (2)- this is ideal if you have a party who will want to refer to the document, but is not required to sign.  The Subject line (3) will have pulled through the name of the Letter Template, but you can over type this is you wish. You’ll also see a box (4) where you can set the number of days after the initial sending which you’d like a reminder email to be sent to any recipients who have not yet signed their document. This will default to 5, but you can amend it if needed. If you’re looking to send a document where a member of staff will be signing on behalf of the landlord, you’ll need to make sure the member of staff who needs to sign has the permission set on their Alto account. Below the Subject and Unique Ref fields, on the right (5) there is a tick box for Agent Signing. Ticking the box will give you a drop down list, from which you can select the member of staff who needs to sign the document. You can edit the body of the email (6), and then when you’re happy click Send at the bottom right of the window (7).

If any of your recipients do not have an email address recorded on their Alto record, a warning triangle will appear before their name (1).  There are two ways you can correct this- The first is by clicking the warning triangle next to the recipient’s name (1), which will display a box where you can enter an email address (2), then click Select (3). This email address will also be saved back to the contact record.  

Alternatively, expand the signatories field using the drop down arrow on the right (1), and under the email address heading (2) you can click to set an email address (3). Again, just type in the email address for the recipient, click Select (4), and this will be saved back to the contact record. 


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