Sending E-mail & SMS Messages to a Contact

Sending E-Mail and SMS Messages to a Contact

1. First, you must make sure that the Contact has an Email address and/or a Mobile number entered in their Contact details. 

2. On the Contact’s Overview screen check the buttons that are used to send an E-mail or SMS are visible.

Sending an E-mail

  1. To send an E-mail, click on the  button. An Email window will open.

     2. Fill in the required details. If the record has more than one e-mail address, you can choose which to use by resting the mouse over the email address and then clicking Choose Email Address.

   3. Tick the required e-mail address(es) and click Select.

 4. When you have finished creating the email, click Send. The e-mail is recorded on the Contact’s Timeline.

Sending an SMS Message

  1. Click on the  Button. An SMS Message window will open.

 2. If the contact has more than one mobile number on their record, you can choose which ones to send to by ticking the required box in the To: section.

 3. Enter your message and click Send. The SMS message is recorded on the contact’s Timeline.


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