Sending A Letter From A Template

Sending A Letter From A Template

  1. Open the required record and click Docs > Write a Letter

    2. The Write a Letter window will open. Select Ad hoc and click Next

    3. Select the letter from the list and click Next.

    4. On the Write a Letter (ad hoc) window, select any Records that relate to the Letter and click Finish.

TIP: Try to select as much information as possible on this screen, as this may help with merging information into the letter. 

    5. The Document Editor will open. Create the Letter as required and click Finalise. You will then be able to decide if you want to Email and/or Print the Letter.

TIP: You can add merge fields to letter templates. 

E-mailing the Letter

When you click E-mail, an E-mail window will open with the Letter attached at the bottom. Enter a message and click Send.

Printing the Letter.

If you click Print, the Letter will open as a PDF using your PDF software. Use the print function of your PDF software program to print the letter. (Example using Google Chrome)

Printing and Emailing

If you click Email and Print, then both of the above processes will occur. You can then deal with them in whichever order you prefer.


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