Progressing A Tenancy

Progressing a Tenancy

This User Guide covers how to Progress a Tenancy.

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

1. Progressing a tenancy can be done via one of two ways.  The first via the Progressions tab right at the top of the screen or the second via the Tenancy itself and clicking the Tenancy Tab to the left, then the pink Progression button to the right.

2. On the Progressions screen, before Finalising the Let it is good practice to go through the Progress Tab on the Transaction Management section on the right of the screen. Not all of the items will be relevant and they are not mandatory. If you do not wish to enter any of the dates in the ‘Progress’ Section then you can continue following the rest of the steps.


3. Go to the Actions button at the top of screen then select Finalise Let

4.  Enter all the Tenancy details.  It is important that this information is correct because it cannot be edited without Renewing the Tenancy.  Once all details are entered click Finalise Let,Save and then Update.

5. Your Tenancy Status will now show as Active and you will now be able to Receipt Rent in against the Tenancy.


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