Set Up SMS Text Reminders For Viewings


How Do I Set Up SMS Reminders For Viewings?


This requires access to System Administration.

Go to Tools>System Admin>

Click Edit next to the branch.

You can select how to remind the recipient using these 4 options:

  • Default Appointment Reminder Delivery
    The options work as follows;

None    No reminders will be sent

Email    Email reminders only will be sent

SMS      SMS Reminders only will be sent

Both      Both SMS and Email reminders will be sent

  • Same Day Appointment Reminder – Delivery time

This option determines how far in advance of the appointment time a reminder will be sent if an appointment is booked for the same day. If the appointment is entered within this timescale (i.e. within 2 hours in the above example), the reminder options on the email form will be greyed out.

  • Reminder Delivery Date
    The options are as follows:
    • On Event Day
    • Day Before Event
  • Reminder Delivery Time

You can select any time of the day or night (from 15 minute time slots).

Template Setup

Email and SMS will also need to be set up.  The templates that need to be created are:

Email Reminder Appraisal Owner

Email Reminder Viewing Applicant

Email Reminder Viewing Owner

Email Reminder Viewing Tenant

SMS Reminder Viewing Applicant

SMS Reminder Viewing Negotiator

SMS Reminder Viewing Owner

SMS Reminder Viewing Tenant

Go to Tools>System Administration>Email Templates/SMS Templates and select Create New.

Enter all the information for the template and click on Save.  Do this for each of the above template types.

Setting Reminders

When a confirmed viewing or Market Appraisal is booked, a confirmation email form is presented:

When it opens, all the recipients are scanned to see if they have an email address and a mobile number. If they have both, confirmations are sent using both methods by default, if they have just an email address, then email will be the default.

If the email address and/or mobile number is not in the contact record but is added within the boxes after the form is presented, the values in the drop down list for that row will dynamically change to allow them to be selected.

Reminders can be sent regardless of whether or not confirmations are being sent.  The reminder field will not be available for selection if the appointment date/time has already passed.

An appointment booked or updated on the day that the appointment will actually occur will still allow reminders to be issued, but this will be controlled by the Branch Admin setting Same Day Reminder Period (see above).

For appointments made for the same day that fall within the 'same-day reminder' period set in the Branch settings, the reminder options will be greyed-out.

SMS Reminders that are being sent to Contacts are sent out once a day on the day of the appointment at the time that has been set in the Branch settings.

If a viewing or market appraisal is cancelled, the scheduled SMS reminder will be cancelled and a cancellation SMS will be sent in place of it.


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