Setting Up A Diary Watcher


How Do I Set Up A Diary Watcher?


 Go to Actions>Manage Diary Groups.

In the list of members, any users who are watchers are indicated by this icon:

To add members or watchers into a group:

  • Select a user from the right hand pane and use  to include them as a member of the Diary Group.
  • Select a user from the right hand pane and use  to include them as a watcher of the Diary Group.

If you add a user as one type and wish to change this, you can remove them from the list of members using the  button and re-add them using the appropriate button.

Available Diaries Display

Any users in the group will see the group listed in their Available Diaries section (and from Actions>Manage Diary Groups).

When you select the Diary Group and observe the ‘View’, you won’t see any ‘watchers’ listed, only the ‘members’ will be displayed. (Previously you had to be included in order to be able to view all the diaries grouped together like this.):

When you select ‘Whole Group, all the members’ diaries are presented on the screen:


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