Setting Up And Using Bulk Archiving

Setting Up and Using Bulk Archiving:

We recommend that you create match groups specifically for archiving. 

Note. There is no Bulk Unarchive function, so care should be taken when using this function.

Go to Tools>Match Groups,  click Action>Add Contact Group or Action>Add Property Group.

 Go to the Bulk Actions tab and tick the Archivable tick box 

Ticking this box confirms that the match group can be used for Bulk Archiving. It also filters the records so that the group only contains records that have met these validation criteria for archiving:

Contact Records -  cannot be a Vendor, Landlord, Tenant, Publication, Board Contractor or Solicitor. In addition, the contact record cannot have any active sales or tenancies.

Property Records – only properties with the statuses of Withdrawn, Not Instructed, Externally sold, Externally let or Completed can be archived.

Select the criteria that you would like to use for archiving and Save.

A Contact or Property match group that has Bulk Archive selected will have an Actions>Bulk Archive option:

Tick the boxes next to the list items to select single, multiple or all records. You can deselect records by unticking individual tick boxes.

With the records selected, click on Bulk Archive and a confirmation message will appear (Note: There is no Bulk Unarchive function).

When you click on Yes, a further warning will appear:

Selecting No will leave the selected records on the screen, selecting Yes will archive them.

  A message will confirm when the action has been completed and give the number of records successfully archived.

A maximum of 500 records can be archived at any one time and if more than 500 records are selected you will be presented with a message 'Only the first 500 records will be archived.'

The screen will automatically refresh so that you can see any other records that remain. Repeat the above actions until all required records are archived.

User Permissions

A User will need the Bulk Archiving role before they can use this function. If this is not set, the Bulk Archive button will not be displayed in the match groups. To  assign this role to a User, Group Administrator access is required.  Go to Tools>System Administration>Group Roles

In Group Roles select the role required and then find the two entries shown below:

Set either or both of these to ‘Full’ and users with this role will have access to use the Bulk Archiving function.  

Ensure Users know that there is no Bulk Unarchive function.

Groups created for archiving purposes are displayed under a separate heading called ‘Groups Supporting Archiving’, seen here at the footer of the group screen.


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