Setting Up Relocation Agent Network Integration

Setting up Relocation Agent Network Integration 

Go to Tools>System Administration>Branches, select the Branch and  click on Edit.

Go to the bottom of the screen and tick the Relocation Agent Network Referrals Enabled box, click Save.

Go to the bottom of the Branch Settings screen and click the Postcodes Served link.

The branch postcodes are a list of postcodes that the branch serves. Contacts with a matching postcode will not be offered for referral as it is expected the branch wants the vendor contact for themselves. Postcodes can be partial, but must begin with the start of the postcode e.g. SO, SO51, SO51 6 or SO51 6EY are all valid entries.

Click the Create New link to create a new postcode.

Enter part or all of the postcode.

Click Create.

When all relevant postcodes have been created, click Save.

Setting Defaults

When adding or editing a contact, the option to Refer as Vendor will appear inline on the Contact Details screen and in the Action Menu if:
   - the owning Branch is set up for referral
   - its postcodes do not match the contact's postcode.

When the contact's postcode or branch is changed, the eligibility is checked and the controls shown or hidden as appropriate.

If a contact has no postcode, no check is done and referral is not offered.

If a branch has no postcodes, then referral is offered for a contact with any postcode.

When a contact is referred, or if they have already been referred, then the action menu item is hidden.  The refer button on the contact details screen is replaced with information about when the contact was referred and a link to the agent network login screen (Click on Manage).  This will enable you to manage the referral which will open in a new tab/browser window:

When a contact is referred, a new tab/window is opened that redirects to the agent network. Once the agent has logged in, details of the newly referred contact are displayed for editing.

An agent can view all the contacts they have referred by clicking in the contact group ‘Referred as Vendor’.

A note is added to the contact’s timeline recording the details of the referral. It will show who made the referral, when it was made and a link to the agent network management portal.


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