Setting Up The Email Integration (CAMS)?


How Do I Set Up The Email Integration (CAMS)?


Once the service has been enabled, each user can set up their email credentials in Account Settings.

Click ‘Change’ to define the credentials.

Enter the following details:

  • Username: The User’s Microsoft Exchange username (usually an email address, but if you are unsure please check with your system administrator).
  • Password: The User’s Microsoft Exchange password.
  • Use Autodiscover: When this feature is enabled, the service will attempt to discover the Microsoft Exchange Server URL.

Server address: The server URL or IP address of the user’s Microsoft Exchange Server. This option is disabled if ‘Use Autodiscover’ is enabled.

When complete, click ‘Save’. Then ‘Check Settings’.

Clicking the ‘Check Settings’ attempts to connect to the Microsoft Exchange server. If it has problems doing so, you will be presented with one of the following messages.

The username and password are invalid

The specified Server address is invalid

Unable to autodiscover the server address


As soon as the setup is complete, any emails sent via Alto from your login will enter the message syncing process.

When a recipient replies to an email, a ‘Notification Flag’ will appear on your Alto menu bar. If you are logged in to Alto at the time it arrives, you will also see a pop up notification. The flag icon in the menu bar displays a number to indicate how many notifications you currently have.

Please Note: The notifications will only appear to the user who sent the original email.

Clicking the ‘Notification Flag’ will open the ‘Notifications’ window, where you can take action on individual items.

Clicking on an email notification will dismiss that entry from the list and open the email in a new window.

‘Dismiss All’ will remove all notifications from the list and close the Notifications window.


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