SPF Records and Alto

When you send an email from Alto, we send the email from our servers on your behalf so that the replies to these email are sent back to your email address.  

When the emails are received into the recipient's mailbox, their email client (Outlook, Google Mail etc) will sometimes check to make sure that we are allowed to send on your behalf.  To do this the email checks a domains txtrecords, otherwise known as SPF which stands for Sender Policy Framework.  If we are not included in the SPF records, then this will reduce the chances for your email being received by the intended recipient.  

What do you need to do? 

To add us into your SPF records, you will need to speak to your IT and ask them to add in the following to your SPF/TXT records; 


For more information, please see;  https://sendgrid.com/docs/glossary/spf/

How do you know that this hasn't been done already? 

We can check your TXT records in the same way that the email clients do and confirm for you if they have been updated, but this can also be done by your domain provider.  


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