Default Branch Settings And How To Change Them

Default Branch Settings And How To Change Them

Group Administrator access to System Administration is required. 

NOTE: Any changes need to be approached with great caution as they will have effects across the Branch. If you are unsure, check first.

 Go to Tools>System Administration>Branches.

Click on Edit next to your Branch

Many of these settings are self-explanatory, but the bullet points below explain a little further about each.

  1. Office name.
  2. Office Email Address.
  3. Office telephone number.
  4. Default currency.
  5. Company or branch web site.
  6. Default day for reminders - e.g. either same day or day before.
  7. What time reminders will be generated.
  8. How long before an appointment made on the same day a reminder will be sent.
  9. Default property type - i.e. sale or rent.
  10. Default number of days after an appraisal for a follow up to be created.
  11. Default timescale for client reviews.
  12. Default period between periodic activity reports.
  13. Percentage price deviation to apply to an applicant's requirements. Someone looking at £100,000-£150,000 with a 10% Requirements Price range would match between £90,000 and £165,000.
  14. Earliest time in day for appointments etc.
  15. Default brochure template that will be applied on a property.
  16. Ravensworth code (provided by Ravensworth).
  17. Brief Your Market settings (provided by Brief Your Market).
  18. Ensures Financial Services information is added before the record can be proceeded with.
  19. Ensures Money laundering checks are carried out before the record can be proceeded with.
  20. Enables RAN (Relocation Agents network) leads.
  21. Enables the uploading of Lead In/Lead out to the web.
  22. Enables downloading of Leads from portals.
  23. Enables downloading of Web Statistics.
  24. Enables uploading of Exchanged, Completed and Let properties to own web site.
  25. Show Maximum Deposit Exceeded Warning
  26. Show Tenancy Fee Warning Message
  27. Uploads all properties - please email or check with support before doing this as it can seriously impact the system.
  28. Set up for restricting User access to system by IP Address or Time of Day.


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