First Rent Charges On Active Tenancies

First Rent Charges On Active Tenancies.

Important: As existing Accounts do not get migrated into Alto, You need to manually add your next Rent charges into the system for active tenancies.  

If Automated charging is turned on in System Administration then the system will then raise that charge for you when it becomes due.

To check if charging is turned on go to Tools > System Administration >Companies.  If ‘Stop Automated Charging’ is UNTICKED then it is turned ON and will allow the system to raise invoices just after midnight on their due date.  

1. To add your first months rent invoice go to the Tenancy>Actions>Charge>Add Charge.  Select the Charge date (this needs to be the next rent due date), the frequency and the Charge Item.

2. You will notice that the system adds its own description which includes SS/SS/SS to EE/EE/EE, DO NOT DELETE this code.  This code allows the system to generate the monthly description based on the charge date and the frequency.

3. Enter the amount you will be charging then click OK.

4. The system will then take you back to the charge screen, if Automated charging is turned on then you can leave that screen without raising the charge as the system will raise it for you automatically when it becomes due.

Note: To keep track of all your un-raised charged we recommend checking the ‘Charges to Raise’ Report.  This can be found in Reporting>Property Management Financials>Charges To Raise.  

This report will display all unraised charges (including expenses and fees) you may notice some charges which are incorrect, in which case these can be removed by going to the relevant record, going to the charge screen and deleting the charge, or you may notice some charges which have not yet been added, in which case you can add them in.


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