Tenant Deductions From Rent Without Reducing Agency Commission

Deductions from monthly rents whilst collecting full commission.

This guide shows you how to process any agreement between the Landlord and Tenancy to make deductions from the monthly rent wihtout affecting the agency commission. 

  • Raise the full monthly rental charge against the Tenancy.
  • On the tenancy go to actions >Receipt.  Enter the amount the tenant has paid in to the amount received box and allocate to the correct rent invoice -  then press update. This will leave the agreed shortfall showing as arrears. 

  • Then go to actions > refunds >add refund items, set charge item of sundry and add any text you would like to show on the Landlord statement about the deduction, add the amount and press ok.

  • Then press deduct on the rent arrears charge

  • This will show a £0 balance to be refunded, you will need to set a Refund  type and untick the send refund box. Then press update.

See Below how it appears on the Landlord payment screen and how it shows on the Landlord statement with the agent claiming the full commission on then rent.


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