Test Migration - Record Review Procedure

Test Migration Review Procedure

Work your way through the following data records to check they have migrated over succesfully. 

  • Property
  • Contacts 
  • Landlords 
  • Tenancy 
  • Dashboard

Property Records: 

  1. Go to Properties in the top menu.  
  2. Click on Groups. 
  3. Click All Properties.
  4. Look at the number of Properties in the bottom corner.  

  • Is the number of Properties on the system correct? 
  • Are the property status' correct? 

Click into each property: 

  • Is it linked to the correct Landlord(s)? 

  • Are Agency Fees and Management Options correct? 

  • Are the general details (address' etc) correct? 

  • Have notes been brought across correctly? 

Contact Records: 

  1.  Click on Contacts in the top menu.
  2. Click on Groups
  3. Click on All Contacs.  
  • Is the number of Landlords/Tenants/Suppliers correct?  (look for the number in the bottom left corner)

Click into a Contact: 

  • Are contact details correct? (Phone number, address etc).  

  • Have notes been brought across correctly? 


  • Is the Landlord overseas status correct? 

  • Are the Payment Groups correct? 
  • Are all of the Lettings Properties appearing in the Default Payment Group?

  • Are Client and Contact Bank Details correct? 


Tenancy Records: 

  1. Click on Tenancies in the top menu.
  2. Click on Groups.
  3. Click on All Tenancies 
  • Is the number of Tenancy records correct? (Look to the bottom left hand corner)
  • Are the status's of the Tenancies correct? (Look at the left hand column) 

Click into a Tenancy: 

  • Are the Term Details and Dates correct? 

  • Is the Deposit Scheme correct?  Is the Registration Number correct? 


  • Are details showing correctly? (Mainly Dates, there will be no accounts)

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