The Client Bank Balances Report

Client Bank Balances Report

The Client Bank Balances report shows you a breakdown of all monies located in each of your accounts.

Generating the Report:

  1. To generate the report, go to Reporting>Property Management Financials>Client Bank Balances.

2. On the right-hand side of the screen select the option to create the report. A message will appear on screen that the report request has been submitted.

3. Click on the page icon,  by your user name and you will see the queued report.

4. Once the Report has been generated they will appear in the page drop down, click to Open.

The Report Data.

1. The Report show a summary on the first page of all monies in each bank account.

2.  Each Bank Account is then listed separately with a further breakdown.

3. Each of the following Columns depict where the monies are held. (please note depending on the set up of your accounts, you may not see each of these listed as they may not be applicable)

At Bank: Total Money you have in the Account

Fees Owed: Fees to be deducted and coming out of the bank, due to Agency

Expenses Owed: Expenses to be deducted and coming out of the bank.

Tax Owed: Tax that is available to pay to HMRC for the payment appropriate to it's quarter date.

Net Ledger Balance: Net balance held for that record in the bank account.

Schedule the Report:

1. The Client Bank Balances Report shows the figures in real time and cannot be run retrospectively.

Note: We recommend you schedule the report to run automatically on a regular basis. 

2. Click on Report Schedule and complete the recipients, the format and frequency in which you require the report, along with the start and end dates for the period you require this report to be generated for i.e every week for a 6 months period using the start and end dates.   

3. On saving the settings you will be prompted to name the Report, which will then run and be sent out automatically.  


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