Schedule Dates for Training

Following your sign-off of the required My Account items, your Project Coordinator will be in contact to arrange some potential dates for your Training sessions.  

You will receive email confirmation for your chosen date and information regarding how the day will be structured.  

Pre-Visit Call from Trainer

Your designated Trainer will call you the week prior to your Training in order to introduce themselves and make final arrangements with you for the Training Day/s.  

Foundation Training

Your first days training will cover all aspects of the Alto system.  Your Trainer will aim to arrive at your office for 09.45 for a 10.00 start, until approximately 16.00, with periodic comfort breaks to be discussed and agreed with your Trainer.  

This trainer will bring with them a laptop, a projector and a screen if required.  Alternatively any blank space of wall will be suitable.  The training day will be carried out in class room style, with involvement from your team through the day.  

From 4pm on the first day of training you will be live on the Alto system and should being using Alto as your sole system for all your marketing activities. 

Advanced Training Arranged

If you have purchased a second days training, we would not suggest that you arrange this until 6 weeks or more following your basic training.  

This is due to the fact that the second training session is less structure than the first and is generally used as a Q&A or one-to-one session with specific members of staff, focusing on more advanced uses of the Alto system for each staff members specific role. 

In order for this session to be relevant, it is usually advisable to first become accustomed to utilising the Alto system on a day-to-day basis and contact your Project Coordinator to arrange for the advanced session a few months after your first training session.  

Property Management Training

Your training on Property Management will include adding Tenancies, Management Accounting, and Opening Balances.  If you are going to be using the PM module of Alto, then the best way for you to use the PM module will be discussed with your Trainer.  

If you have booked onsite training, please see the example syllabuses page: 

Onsite Training Syllabuses


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