Uploading A CMP Certificate (Client Money Protection)

Uploading a CMP Certificate (Client Money Protection)

Once you are in receipt of the PDF copy of the Client Money Protection Certificate,  you can upload it to to your website. 

From the website, copy the URL Link.

Then in Alto, go to the property you want to add it to, and go to Media>Web Links>Add Links.

Paste the URL certificate link into the Url field and put the Description as ‘CMP Certificate’

Save your changes.

The Certificate will now upload to the property and show on the Rightmove listing.

And in this location on the Zoopla listing. 

If your certificate cannot be hosted on your website, you can use the below method as an alternative. 

1. Upload CMP certificate as an external brochure on one of the properties that needs the certificate.

2. Right click on the uploaded certificate and click on "Copy image address"

3. Paste this into the to the 'Web Links' field on all properties that need the certificate, including the one to which you have uploaded the certificate as an external brochure.


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