Adding Job Roles & Signatures

Adding Job Roles & Signatures

This User Guide covers how to add someones job role and how to add in signatures on the system.

There are set job roles on Alto but if there are job roles that need removing or editing please follow the instructions below.

Go to Tools>System Admin>Group Settings.

Click onto User Job Titles

Untick the roles which do not need to be used, click Save.

To add a new role click Add New Code

Enter the name of the Job role, copy this into the short name and also into Description and then click Create.

The new role will then be listed.


You can add your signatures on Alto for them to appear on your emails and letters.

Go to Tools>System Administration> Group Users.

Click Edit on the user and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click Upload New File.

Add in text for the Caption, for the Media Type select Public Image

The Sub Type should be changed to either Signature Images for Letters or Email Signature.

Next click on Choose File and navigate to where the file is stored. (The signature should be in a JPG format)

Then click


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