Preventing Users Showing In Lists

Preventing Users Showing in Lists

Go to Tools>System Admin>Group Users.

Click Edit next to the name of the person you do not want showing in the list.

Scroll down and untick the Visible in user lists.

Click Save.

 These logins should then not show in the following areas:

  • Branch Diary
  • Home page – the drop down list of names (unless the logged in user created one of the records being displayed)
  • Book a Viewing – the list of users for the viewing and the follow-up tab
  • Let Agreed - the field Deal Owner
  • Property and Contact drop down list - letter wizard ‘Send Letter’ and ‘Send Brochure’
  • Property and Contacts Sub Tab - the field Negotiator (and on the Market Appraisal screen)
  • Diary - Create a Diary list of names and the follow-up tab
  • Diary Actions – Group Manager list of members included or excluded
  • Reports - Associated User Filtering, Owning User/Actioning User

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