Using TAPI

Using TAPI

Integrating alto and TAPI

Assuming that a suitable telephony system and drivers have been installed, to begin using TAPI you will need to download our TAPI tray app to link alto to your telephone system. The app download is available on request from alto Support. Once the app is installed and executed, it runs within your computer’s system tray. When running the app for the first time the Login pop-up is displayed.

Enter your normal alto login details and click the Login button. The pop-up changes to a settings page.

On the Settings page you can set:

  • The telephone line the app is using.
  • The ringtone used when an incoming call is received.
  • Whether the intelligence feature is Enabled or Disabled.
  • Whether Pop-up notifications are Enabled or Disabled.

You can also Logout, which logs out of Alto but leaves the app running, or Exit Alto TAPI which stops the app running.

When a call is received the pop-up will display the name of the contact, their status, their address and information about the contact.

Click Answer to answer the call or Answer and open to answer the call and open the contact record.

When answering a call the pop-up will change to display the duration of the call with an End Call button.

Click End Call to hang up.

To initiate ‘click-to-dial’ navigate to a Contact record, click the Add Notes to Telephone Conversation button:

Then click the telephone button next to the number you wish to call:

TAPI 2 Step Verification

The TAPI tray app is also compatible for Users who have two-step verification enabled.  The User will be requested to enter a verification code which will be sent to their mobile phone and needs to be entered into the TAPI tray app screen below when logging in:

Outside Line Prefix

There is also the option to add a prefix for an outside line to the TAPI tray:


Getting Started
Take a look at this video which highlights the features and how to use your knowledgebase.

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