Vendors Sales Progression

With PropertyFile you can allow your Vendors to keep up to date with their Sales Progression through their PropertyFile account.  

Activating Sales Progression for Vendors

For your Vendors to view their Sales Progression you will first need to activate this in PropertyFile.  From Alto, go to Tools -> PropertyFile and use the Edit symbol on the rigth-hand side next to your domain name -> navigate to 'manage modules' -> and switch the toggle to 'on'.  

Please Note: When this is switched on, any Vendors with Offers Accepted will have visibility of active milestones and the notes on each milestone through PropertyFile.  

Sales Progression for Vendors 

Once activated, the Vendor with a PropertyFile account, will be able to view the milestones you have set for both their side of a sale and the buyer's side and view the notes relevant to their side of the sale.  

Please Note: Vendors will only see these notes and milestones once an offer has been accepted and the Property is Under Offer.  

When editing the Sales Progression, each milestone has a Notes section.  Here you can enter any additional information regarding that part of the sale and it will then be visible to the Vendor on PropertyFile.  

Within PropertyFile, the notes will appear in each milestone.  

The Vendor can click through to either part of the sale and view the milestones, and on their side of the chain view any notes the agent has written against the milestone.  

Please Note: A green tick represents a completed milestone in Alto, along with the date the task was completed.  


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