Viewings Planned By The Property Branch Report

Viewings Planned By The Property Branch Report:

Viewings planned by the branch who owns the property. This report covers viewings that are planned rather than viewings that have happened

If this report does not do what you want you can look for something suitable in this List of reports under System Administration>Reports. 

COLUMNSBooked,Viewing,Office,Booked for,Booked by,Current status,Vendor,Client,Viewer,Viewer Position,Viewer Disposal,Viewer Rating,Reg by,Reg at,Days since booked,Offers,Revisions,Best Offer,Status,Accompanied?,Notes,Internal Notes,Feedback
SALE/RENTAny, Sales only, Rentals only
ORDER BYBooked,Viewing,Office,Booked for,Booked by
GROUP BYNone, Office, Booked for, Booked by, Property, Current status
FILTERAll, Not cancelled, Cancelled, Accompanied, Not Accompanied

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