Portal Statistics


The Portal Statistics feature imports details from Vebra.com and Rightmove relating to the number of property searches and the number of times full details of a property have been viewed online via these portals. The Portal Statistics feature can be enabled on a per-branch basis and the information is displayed on the Property>Marketing page under the heading Portal Statistics.

Alto Setup

In order for Portal Statistics to be downloaded, the Download Property Web Statistics option needs to be enabled in your Branch settings.

Navigate to Tools>System Administration>Branches and click on Edit against the Branch you wish to enable. Scroll down the page and tick the Download Property Web Statistics box as below. Click on Save:

Rightmove Setup

The Portal Statistics feature will also need to be enabled by Rightmove. You can request this by emailing either your regional customer services team or the ADF team on adfteam@rightmove.co.uk, or by telephoning Rightmove on 01908 712300.

Viewing Portal Statistics

Portal statistics are displayed on the Property>Marketing page underneath the heading Portal Statistics:

Stats downloaded comprise:

  • Number of times a property has appeared in a search
  • Number of times a property's full details have been viewed

The statistics shown on the property record are cumulative. If a property is removed from the web, the statistics are not cleared. If the property is subsequently re-uploaded to the web, the new stats are added to existing ones.


Statistics are updated once a day, overnight.


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