Welcome to Alto

Following the completion of your Alto software order, you will receive an email from no-reply@propertysoftwaregroup.com.  

This email will contain a login link to your personalised My Account program, alongside your allocated username and password.  

We recommend that you copy and paste these login details into the relevant areas rather than retyping, as the system is case sensitive, and any errors could prevent you from logging in successfully.  

There is also a useful "Remember Me" tick box which you may wish to select, as this will ensure that your Login Details are retained for future use.  

Please see My Account - Overview for a breakdown of the My Account process.  

Welcome Call with Project Coordinator

Shortly after receiving these login details your dedicated Project Coordinator will contact you in order to arrange a convenient time for a 15-20 minute call.

During your Welcome Call your Project Coordinator will discuss the following: 

  • Details of your order: 
    • Number of Offices 
    • Number of users
    • Number of Accounts Licenses 
    • Any add-ons, i.e. The Letting Centre, PropertyFile etc. 
    • Do you market Sales and/or Lettings, Property Management and Accounts? 
    • Will you be manually adding your data or are we migrating you from a current software system? 
    • How many properties you manage (if relevant).  
    • Any specific requirements 
  • The process for completing your My Account, section by section (which can also be found here: My Account - Overview
  • The structure of the training sessions
  • A brief overview of the accounts practice and go live process
  • An estimated timescale for project completion.  

Please find below an outline detailing the stages required for a successful Alto implementation.  

Completion of Integral Areas on My Account

Following your Welcome Call with your Project Coordinator, in order to ensure your training takes place as scheduled and your Jupix implementation progresses as planned, you are required to completed the following areas on your My Account program: 

Please also ensure that you have provided a fill list of your "Match Areas" within the Pre-Configuration section.  "Match Areas" refer to the specific areas within which your Agency operates, i.e. the areas in which you market properties and the areas your applicants are interested in living.  These details are an integral factor to ensuring that the setup of the matching process is successful.  

Match areas can be listed as either place names, or postcodes, but not a mixture of both formats.  If you choose to use postcodes, as these are specific, there is no limit on the number you can list, however, we would not usually recommend more than 30 unless you regularly market properties in those postcodes.  

If you are intending to use place names, we advise you to keep these areas as specific as is realistic.  For example, if you manage properties across Birmingham, rather than list a match area as vague as West Birmingham, or as specific as Camelot Way, you would list Small Heath and/or Bordesley Green.  

Please note, if you have additional areas in which you infrequently market properties, you could list this match areas  as "Town's North of Birmingham" or "Outside of the City".  


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