What Has Been Sent And Received Using Exchange Integration (CAMS)?


How Do I See What Has Been Sent And Received Using Exchange Integration (CAMS)?


Emails that have originated from Alto, appear as normal in the contact or property timeline. Replies to these emails are processed by the system, and will appear in the timeline as an ‘Email Reply’.

Contact Timeline

Property Timeline

Viewing Synced Emails in Timelines

Synced emails are listed in the Contact/Property timeline by default. These can be filtered using the a new timeline filter.

Viewing Synced Emails

Email replies are handled in a similar manner to normal communications that have originated from Alto. Clicking on a ‘New Email’ notification, or an ‘Email Reply’ in the Contact/Property Timeline will open the ‘Synced Email’ window. From here, you are able to reply to the email as normal and download any attachments.


If the email reply contains an attachment you can view/download these attachments through your browser by clicking the attachments file name within the ‘Synced Email’ window.

An indication as to whether an email contains an attachment can be seen on the timeline entries for each email reply.


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