Customising Brochures And Window Cards

Customising Brochures and Window Cards

The system allows users to customise any existing template to make it truly unique for any given property.


Once enabled, a Customise option is available within the Brochure or Window Card Template carousel and clicking this will launch the alto Designer.

The Designer is a full WYSIWYG design tool that allows you to customise the brochure or window card template for a property. 

The full manual for this feature is available here. It is recommended that you read this before proceeding

Customised templates are created on a per-property basis. The branch templates are not affected and will still be available in their original form for use on other properties.

If the same changes are required for multiple properties, then the underlying template should be edited or a new version created. Our Design team can undertake this for you if required. Call 08432 274 310 or email


The Customise feature is only available to Users once their administrator has assigned them the Customise Template role with Read/Write or Full access.  If Users do not have this role, they can still preview and print customised brochures or window cards.

To enable the Customise Template role, system administrators needs to navigate to Tools>System Administration>Group Roles, select the role to amend, set the Customise Template permission to Read/Write, then click Save:

Brochure Customisation

To customise a Brochure, go to Property>Docs>Brochure Setup and click on the Customise button:

This will launch the Brochure Designer using the selected brochure template and will show text and images from the current selected Property.

Once a template has been edited and saved, the PDF Test button can be used to preview the final output of the customised brochure.

Customised Brochure Example

You preview a brochure template on a property but would like to change the position and number of the images for this property:

From Brochure Setup, click the ‘Customise’ button and make the required changes in the Designer and ‘Save’ the changes:

When you close the designer a confirmation message will be shown, confirming the Property now has a Customised Brochure template assigned:

The Customised template has now been saved against that Property and will be used for all brochure output:

               BEFORE                              AFTER